Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mito A68 Fantasy Power Review - Specs and Price

Music concert titled " The Story of the Afghan " which took place in Skenoo Gandaria City Hall on Friday ( 4/4 ) past , utilized local vendor to launch a new model named Mito A68 Fantasy Power . As the name implies , this phone is the main feature that favor battery life is relatively large in its class . Battery type Lithium - ion battery with a capacity of 4000mAh , the vendor claimed to be sufficient to support the activities of mobile users who have high mobility without worrying about running out of battery .

Cell phone battery problems are quickly depleted (low - batt ) , often descend smartphone users . Considered a practical way to help is by bringing Power Bank or portable charger . However , this solution is temporary and less efficient . For that Mito released smartphones low anti - bat Fantasy A68 Power as an answer to the classic problem . With a battery capacity of 4000mAh power features expected Mito can be a wise solution for mobile consumers .

Mito Mobile A68 variant also equip with the Quick Charge feature , so that it can fully charge the battery quickly . Even the A68 has a unique alternative to a bank as a power that is able to share the power to smartphones , tablets , MP3 players , and other mobile devices . With these features , users no longer need to buy a Mito power bank . Although the use of dual SIM Power Fantasy , Mito claims the battery still energy efficient , even able to provide energy supply for the call ( talk -time ) up to 10 hours non-stop and standby time of 400 hours .

Other facilities include a display Mito A68 LCD screen measuring 5.0 inches with a depth of up to 16.7M colors that rely TN LCD technology . At the rear there is a camera equipped 8Mpix LED flash . While the front - mounted video camera with a resolution 2Mpix call . Fantasy Power A68 quad-core processor powered artificial ARM Cortex A - 7 type with a clock speed of 1.3GHz . MT6582 CPU MKT models .

Mito itself has begun marketing the Fantasy Power A68 this month. Mito A68 price at Rp 1,5 million .

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